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Parent to Parent Training


Parents of Children or Teens with ADHD:

Have you been searching for a reliable source of information about ADHD and how to manage the issues related to the disorder?
The ability of parents to help their children navigate the hardships associated with ADHD is STRONGLY linked to the parent’s understanding of ADHD.
This class allows family members to become experts in the management of their child’s ADHD.
Parent to Parent: Family Training of ADHD is a multi-session, interactive, and educational program for parents of children with ADHD. This workshop provides information and support for individuals and families who are dealing with
Patients Undergoing Group Therapy
ADHD and learning to navigate challenges of the disorder across the lifespan.

Topics include:

  • Overview of ADHD
  • Assessment to Multimodal Treatment
  • Developing Parenting Strategies & Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Strengthening Family Relations
  • Educations Rights for Children with ADHD
  • Building and Education Team: Bridging the Gap between Home and School
  • Resiliency, Teen Challenges, and Future Success
CHADD is the nation’s leading organization serving children and adults with ADHD and is an essential resource for families, adults, educators, health care professionals and organizations concerned about this disorder affecting the daily lives of millions. Please look at the CHADD website to learn more about this amazing organization.
Pete Resch is a certified trainer of the Parent to Parent classes. He was trained by one of the Founders of the Parent to Parent curriculum- Ruth Hughes. Ruth was also the CEO of CHADD from 2010 to June 2014. She now serves as a Special Advisor.
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